Is Your Website Not Ranking Anywhere?

Redefining White Hat SEO

Reverse Engineer As To What Amazon, Facebook and Pinterest Did

What is SEO?

You have loads of experience about SEO but still your knowledge is incomplete.

SEO Is Not About Link Building

SEO is preparing your website in such a way that search engines find it useful for other fellow visitors looking for similar information. You do not have to make this up, if you work on your website just like you would have for your real offline business, things will start to flow naturally. What you are about to learn here is not disclosed by worlds best seo professionals. It is June of 2013 and I have not made an attempt to rank for seo services till now, my approach will be completely ethical. By the way if you did come here searching for any combination of keywords “seo services” then there has to be something that I am doing right.

Anything that I explain here will be an ethical whitehat approach for search engine optimization. Well, let me ask you something. Have you ever purchased a seo package from a service provider? If you answer YES, then did that help? NO, had it been so effective service they would have done it for themselves NOT YOU. So what do I recommend?

Stop whatever you had been doing till now

This list can be a lot bigger, I am putting some key services that you might be taking from a so called SEO gurus.

  • Link Building
  • Directory Submission
  • Forum Postings
  • Article Directories Submission
  • Fake Web 2.0 Profile Creation
  • Wiki Type Links
  • Link Exchange Programs
  • Blog Networks
  • Link Pyramids
  • Tier’d Linking Structures

All these techniques are out dated and can harm the reputation of your site very badly.

What you should be doing instead?

When I point couple of things then you will realize it right away that top internet marketing guru’s are doing this just under your nose and it was you who did not figure this out.

  • Use Unique Content
  • Use images to explain
  • Use videos for user comfort
  • Free give away s
  • Opt in forms
  • Easy of website navigation
  • Engage visitors

In other words make site that engages the visitors so that they start to share [promote your website] your website within their social circle. This effect is exponential in nature. Take the example of some recently developed site like Pinterest, they did something different, engaged their visitors. The viral effect took its course and they are popular. Do you think they went door to door to make all those whopping 11.78 Million Backlinks [as of June, 2013].

1 Min SEO Checklist

It will take less than 1 minutes to go through this list.

  • Check Bounce Rate
  • Install SEO Plugins
  • Check For Broken Links
  • Check Load Time

Our Approach To SEO

Next 5 minutes will add a new dimension to your White Hat Search Engine Optimization perspective.

Integrate Google Analytics

Use their tool to your advantage. Just let them know what your visitors are doing on your site. Even if you do the smallest thing [like an eye catching image or a video] to retain the visitors on your site for say 30 seconds, your bounce rate will drop considerably. Resulting in some brownie points to your site.

According To Matt Link Building Should Be Natural and Gradual

Well, in every other video Matt says that do not buy back links as your website could be penalized for that action sooner or later. Indirectly, it means that quality and quantity of backlinks to your site still sends a strong signal to Google that your site has editorial votes and that they play a very vital role in determining your sites SERP, PR, DA, PA.

How Can Link Building Be Natural?

PlantNow this is where it gets interesting. Treat your website just like this plant and one day it will give rewards for what you are doing today. Here are some tips that will surely help a great deal in all natural seo effort of your website.

Step #1Engaging Visitors: Give respect to the visitors of your website by presenting them quality information about what you have to offer. Use videos, images to explain why they should buy from you. Content is still the king, so do not use copied content to fill up your site, as it is not google friendly. Do something that your competitor is not doing. If you exceed your visitors expectations they will more likely visit you later.

Step #2Email Opt-In Forms: Here you may consider a free giveaway to your visitors to get your visitors to optin. Once they are in your mailing list you can contact them for promoting your new products or services. The secret here is, although you are making an effort to convert your prospects but when they click the link in their email to get to your website, google is informed automatically about this action [hope you followed the importance of analytics integration], again giving you some brownie points that people are being referred to your website from emails.

Step #3Affiliate Marketing: This is by far the most important of the lot and a must for any website selling products or services. Let me put it with an example. Say the margin on your product is 35%, take my word and pass every penny of it to your affiliates. By seeing that kind of lucrative commission more and more affiliates would want to promote your products. I know, you are not making any money from affiliate sales then how will you get benefited? Simple, in due course of time your website will get 100’s, 1000’s of backlinks all natural, resulting in the improved SERPs for your website.


So now you will get more sales from visitors those are coming directly from search engines to your website compared to what you used to get. The reason being your site is ranking higher in search results.

Step #4SMM Integration:
Make social media accounts on facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Pinterest etc and place the link to them on your website. This will ease the effort for your visitors that would have to do otherwise, in case they want to share your website in their social circle.