Escalate SEO - Ecommerce Solutions
How this helps?
Using a ready made e-commerce solution helps you build your online business from scratch. All you need is a warehouse to store your products, you do not need a physical store for operations. This helps keeping your running costs low, a lot lower than what your competitors might be incurring. Next, with such setups you can offer your customers with rates that your competitors will not be able to afford. So, it is a win win situation for you as well as your customers. Another advantage of this business model is that you can target a larger segment of market and not limited to your region.

How will this setup work?
All you need is a web based store front, then these ready made solutions can be plugged right in with your websites. Your customers come to your website, they add products to shopping cart and the e-commerce solution provider manages all the financial transactions. The money is directly deposited in your merchant account. Now all you need is to pack the products and deliver them to your customers.

Where do we fit in this equation?
We can help you build your website from scratch, integrate e-commerce solution in it and you are up and running in the matter of couple of weeks. The admin panel is provided to you where you can login and see all the activities on your website, like orders, customers, products etc.

Free e-commerce solutions
There are many open source e-commerce systems available that are free to use like magento, oscommerce, opencart, zencart etc.

Paid e-commerce solutions
There are paid solutions for e-commerce which charge nominal monthly payment for all the services they provide like 1shoppingcart, x-cart, cs-cart etc. Most of them offer one month free trial during which all your development work is also completed.