Escalate SEO - Email MarketingThe Importance : Email Marketing is the first step towards your success if you want to make a living from your online business. Email opens the direct channel of personalized communication, in the form of professionally designed news letters with your prospects and customers.

What Have You Lost : If you have been capturing emails of visitors to your website, then going with calculations you have lost almost 98% of potential visitors to your website. Statistics say that only only 2% of your customers convert by purchasing something from your website. Here is a simple maths, even if 10% of visitors opted in to get a freebee you would have had 6 times the audience in the form of email list, compared to what you have now.

How To Get Started : Start giving a freebee to visitors who optin for your newsletter’s. In the beginning you might think that you will loose money, but in long run when you have a big list of opted in visitors, you are definitely going to reap the rewards by sending them emails about your new launched product, upcoming promotional events, discount offers or new job opportunities.

How Can We Help : We can help you in following ways to get you up and running with your email marketing campaigns:

  • Integrating mailchimp, aweber, getresponse subscribe opt-in forms on your website.

  • Customizing your email lists within any of the above mentioned service providers and help in setting up follow-up messages.

  • Cross platform integration is also possible. By saying that it is possible to have shopping cart services from 1shoppingcart and your email list is being created in aweber or getresponse behind the scene.

  • Customized solution, we can also make a stand alone system that you may use to optin your visitors and send them newsletters right from your server. This is only advisable if your lists are going to grow beyond 10K in a very short time, as it is at this stage that the above mentioned systems start to get quite expensive.

Let us know if there is anything else that you need help with for your email marketing campaign, I am sure we will help you find a solution.

What we do not do is sending mass emails to your list of 1 million emails that you purchased from somewhere. We believe that such lists are simply waste of time and energy.