Importance Of Inter Linking In Search Engine Optimization

In short this means that your site should have proper navigation structures menus, sitemaps etc. There should not be any orphan pages and a visitor should be able to navigate to a related resource without much problem. If ever there is a dead end on your site then it has to be the sales page, apart from that I do not see any reason why a page should have no links pointing to other pages on your site.

TIPS! Proper navigation leads to better conversion and good seo score.

The concept of inter linking is very old and it has been used from ages. You can use it to your strength to send visitors to your sales page, offer page, opt in page in a very natural way so that the visitor is tempted to click it without taking any extra time. The other side of the story is that if your visitors are clicking the links that you want them to click you are walking your visitor to your online store without manual intervention. I know you will again need a example of these best seo practices.

If you find is a bit difficult in making these navigation prototype then you can buy seo services from us and we will help you with that.

Navigation structure is not only related to the top menu bar, there are some key places within the content of your website where you will find the need to send user to some other pages of your site. So these can also be links within the content of your web page that links to another web page.

I did not tell you the most important part about inter linking as of yet and I am at closing point of the article. If your site navigates properly , then search engines can also crawl your site easily and give proper weight to every page of your site.

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