SEO Experts Opinion – Importance Of Keyword Analysis In SEO

Keyword Research AnalysisKeyword analysis set the roots for your online business. You can only rely on your online business either you have something very special to offer so that it goes viral or you really engineer as to what people are searching for rather than optimizing for what you think they will be searching for.

Let me give you some examples as to how people go about searching for seo companies and impose their requirements. These are some of the projects posted on odesk

  1. Looking for the cheapest and best seo specialists with as many keywords as possible to work on my sites
  2. New Site Low Competition Keywords – SEO Expert Needed
  3. 3 Keywords Needed to be in Page 1 – Whitehat SEO Only
  4. SEO for Local Website – 1 Keyword only
  5. Only 2 Keywords SEO Expert Only White Hat Onpage & OffPage

All these jobs were requested on 14th July 2013. Come on man give me a break, you want to build an online business and you are giving me this crap. Do you see any evident problems with these job posts?

Let me take them one by one

  1. This guy does not know that seo is one of the most expensive services to go for if done correctly and he is looking for the cheapest. Trust me he will end up hiring someone for $2 per hour in the end to make it cheap. Only time will educate him whether it was really cheap or not. The next requirement attached is “as many keywords as possible” this will be covered when I conclude this article.
  2. When you planned that you need a new site, that was just about the right time to hire someone to do a keyword analysis so that your site would have had all related keywords in the content. It is late my friend, go back to drawing board and redo content for your site again.
  3. I like the word whitehat in this post, trust me he just added it for the sake of it. He does not even know exact meaning of whitehat seo. Next why only 3 keywords? once you start seo drive many other keywords start to appear in searches.
  4. The good part here is that this person knows that his services can only be offered locally, like cleaning services etc. But 1 keyword does not convince me, there can still be many ways different people will look to search for that one keyword from his locality.
  5. Wow… did you see that #5 it is such a contradictory statement in itself. Whitehat AND OffPage. It is not gone going to happen dear.

Ok enough of discussions of how some people look at seo. Lets us talk a line or two that will help your cause.

How to do Keywords Analysis

  • Make the list of smallest possible keywords that you would want to rank for like “keyword analysis” for this page
  • Open googles keyword tool and do the search for all your keywords and save them in separate sheets in excel along with search count
  • Why search count? At the end of the day this is where all your fishes will be coming from. The higher the search count the more the visitors.
  • Now break your excel sheets in such a way that you have all keywords sorted in the order 1 word keyword, 2 words, 3 words … and so on
  • Go to the bottom of the sheet i.e. start your seo campaign with the longest keywords first. These are also known as long tail keywords.
  • Once you start to rank for long tail keywords move up the ladder.

Caution: The million dollar tip which is out of the scope of this article is “Do not emphasize on offpage seo, concentrate all your efforts on onpage seo”.


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