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We at EscalateSEO do not sell services without doing a detailed analysis of your website, we also go a step further to understand your business model. In our opinion services like article marketing, blog posting, forum posting, buying backlinks, wiki links and any similar activities that are done mainly to gain back links are overly hyped seo services. Instead of improving the search rankings these tend to drag you even down in long run.

Our experts have time and again seen with proven results that it is extremely effective if you focus on your website to make it more user friendly and informative, this will also result in better search engine rankings. Stop falling prey to companies who deem themselves as expert in seo and sell you all kind of link building stuff.

If coming so far you think that we are on different track then let me assure you that the feeling is coming due to the blackhat guy in you. All you have learned so far is make back links 100s, 1000s or even 100,000s of them and you will rank #1 in google. You have never thought of legitimate methods and procedures that will lead to a better user experience of your website. If your website has some value to its viewers, then be assured that off page part will be automated as people will start linking to your website naturally because they would like to share your site.

Our Approach To SEO
We will not brag anything about Panda or Penguin as that is not the end, Tomorrow there will be another P that will sink your site even further. Well, if you have already gone too far with blackhat then there might be a immediate requirement that you hire the same companies who made tonnes of links and pay them again but now to remove those links. Means the reputation is harmed to such an extent that even google has sent you warnings about un-natural linking.

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Our approach to seo is different from others in many ways. We strongly follow white hat methods to rank your website.

Our seo package include only ethical services that help in boosting search rankings & offer better user experience:

These are not the only services that your website will need. These are some important ones from the huge list and are manually picked from endless options that you can have.

  • Keyword analysis – Two words “keyword analysis” can be done for as low as $5 from fiverr and can take exhaustive man hour and can cost to the tune of 100’s of dollars. The key here is not what you want to optimize for, but rather what people are searching for. Minor variations here n there make a huge difference to end result to your success or failure. As keywords also determine your target market, an expert will do it properly making sure that he has covered every segment of your business.
  • Content Creation
  • META Data Optimization – This includes the title, description, keywords, author of the page. We all know that Google does not really show the description that you set in the meta description, but it is always a good habit to suggest what you want it to show in search engine results. For a matter of fact if you check this current webpage, then Google shows what set as meta description.
  • Image Optimization
  • Video Optimization – Are you using videos in your content? If not then your website is missing on a very important source of information for your visitors. These days it is pretty evident that you have a video along side every page just to read out whats in that page. It is good enough if the video just explains what this page is all about.
  • Navigation Structure
  • Configuring Webmaster Tools – It is a very handy tool, do not think that Google will know stuff about your site. They already know about it. It is you who is missing on all that vital information and statistics for crawl rate, page load time, incoming links, search rankings etc etc. So do this today and do not leave it for tomorrow.
  • Integrating Google Analytics – Same goes with analytics. Check how the visitors are fairing on your website, which pages are they visiting and where they tend to exit. Where do most of your audience come from and much more.
  • Installing Plugins
  • Bounce Rate – Here our effort is to retain visitors on your site for a longer duration. An ideal trick used is give something for free OR a educative video which they watch to the end.
  • SMM Integration – Facebook, Pinterest, Tweeter, LinkedIn and creating relevant profiles on these sites.
  • Optin Forms – This will help you collecting emails of all your prospects and sending them emails when you launch something new. That was such an under statement. When your prospects click on links in email that lead to your website, google is notified as you have analytics integrated. This adds to the creditability of your site that people are being referred to your site from emails as well.
  • more to add here if need be …

Targeted SEO Services

Escalate SEO is a service provider located in India with clients from all across the world. Our major client base is from United States: California – Los Angeles, Texas – Huston and New York.

Every website requires a different approach and different amount of efforts towards SEO. This is because of competitive nature of different industries or keywords in our SEO terminology. Our support staff are ready to analyze your website and allocate a team after performing basic analysis.