Social Media Marketing InterlinkingWhat is social media marketing?
This internet marketing process refers to gaining laser targeted flow of visitors to your website from social media sites like facebook, twitter, pinterest etc.

Why is social media marketing successful?
Social media marketing efforts revolve around creating content on SMM sites that encourage the readers to circulate it within their social circles with ease. This process of sharing with social circle in itself takes the shape of a viral networking. Now, look at a scenario where a corporate message spreads from one user to another and within no time this will be posted on profiles of many users. This kind of marketing is looked at more trust as it comes from a third party rather than the brand or company itself.

What are the latest trends with Social Media Marketing?
Here are some of the strategies used by us while running your social media campaign.

Social media marketing effort has viral effect

  • Facebook : This is one of the biggest social network. If you spread the word about your business properly then it is more likely to be spread across friends very quickly.
  • Twitter : Send tweets about your new product launch and or service upgrade.
  • Pinterest : Who knew pinterest 2-3 years back, Now they compete with twitter in terms of traffic. Post all your products images slowly on pinterest and make sure your visitors re-pin them, you get the best returns when they do so.
  • LinkedIn : Upcoming in social media trends.
  • Company Blog : This is a must, having a company blog keeps your reader updated as to what is coming up next.
  • Guest Posting : Make solid reviews about your business and post them on other high pr websites.
  • Video Marketing : Create informative videos about the services/products you offer. Now share these videos on sites like youtube and see a stream of laser targeted traffic back to your website.
  • Leverage Social Media Amongst Themselves : This is a chain reaction, like you make a new blog post, that intimates twitter, in return twitter posts on your business webpage on facebook. This whole process is done in the background.

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