Importance of 3 word and 4 word keywords In Search Engine Optimization

In previous post I only discussed about how you should start your plan of action. One another thing that we discussed are keyword research and long tail keywords. With every post I will go in the core of search engine optimization. Every post will have 1 or 2 seo tips for your kind reference.

TIPS! Targeting 1 word or 2 word keywords to begin with is not advised.

It is always a good idea to have a test case in front of you. What am I trying to do here? It is June 2013 and I have started to work on keyword “seo services” but am I targeting it right away, NO. I will fail miserably. I will take on 3 word keywords which is a good starting point, like I will choose something like ethical seo services. Now what happens is that when these 3/4 word combinations start to point to a page or the home page, search engines get a signal that the linked page is a appropriate resource for all the linked keywords. Hence the vote for 2 word keywords automatically marks its presence.

Once you have done enough work on 3 word and 4 word keywords, you can move your focus to more important 2 word keywords. The best part is that with long tail keywords you will start to see your site ranking a lot easier and you will start to get some traffic, though little. But hat first person that comes to your site searching on google will will be like gold mine to you.

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