ZenCart – Multiple Installations Of Zone Based Shipping

Although the title makes it clear that I am not talking about multiple zones in zencart shipping module, but more than 1 installations of zone based shipping.

Why would you need Multiple Installations Of Zone Based Shipping?
Well here is a practical example. You have three different shipping options for within US and then you want 2 different options for international shipping. I am listing them below to make it more clear.

For All US Orders:

  • Regular Shipping
  • Priority Shipping
  • Express Shipping

For All International Orders

  • Registered Shipping
  • Express Shipping

How on earth will you accommodate all these within your zencart catalog?

Here is what you need to do. Download Zone Rate Clone module from here, the latest version is always there at the very top. Make sure it is compatible with your version of ZenCart. If you are using latest version of ZenCart then there should not be any problem.

Unzip the module and make edits in the files located in “catalog\includes\languages\english\modules\shipping” on line number 23 and change where it says Zone 2… with your actual shipping method name.

Then upload the files to respective folders in your catalog site.

Login to your admin and configure your additional shipping methods the way you want.



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